the right idea

There’s a new social media app called Threads…. and by all accounts it’s got some remarkable traction in its first week. Here’s some simple information to help you understand where it fits in.

Who owns it?

The app was created by the same people who own Instagram. That makes it a part of the Meta company, which also owns Facebook. That means it’s got solid technical backing and will likely work well. It also means it will eventually become an ad-revenue supported business. This isn’t a ‘privacy first’ alternative to established data-hungry social media… your data will be used in a similar way to how it is on Instagram.

What does it do?

Threads is about public conversations. Where as Facebook is broadly about Groups, Instagram is for sharing photos and videos and TikTok is all about short videos… Threads is about starting and joining into conversations with anyone and everyone. Anyone can see my threads, and I can respond to anyone else’s. OK, not entirely true, you can create a private account that only friends can see, but that’s not the point. I can @mention anyone in my threads, whether we follow each other or not.

What can I post on Threads?

You can share text, videos, links and photos. There is a 500 character character limit on your posts.

How should I use the app for my business?

As mentioned, its about starting and joining conversations. Your posts should encourage a response. Think about using it to get feedback from your followers, or opinions on recent events. Share casual images that demand a response – don’t worry about the beauty of the photo, this isn’t Instagram. Don’t wait to create the perfect media, just grab a screenshot or shoot a quick selfie video… time is of the essence, no one will ever look back at your old threads, it’s about the here and now.

Why did they make it?

Threads is an unashamed clone of the Twitter app. Twitter has fallen out of love with the internet after Elon Musk bought it, and Threads is a blatant Twitter land grab hoping to scoop up all of the individuals and advertisers who are fleeing Twitter. The two apps work the same and look the same. What Threads has going for it is a more conventional management team not intent on upending the status quo. You can expect strict content moderation, banning of accounts deemed inappropriate and an app ultimately tailored toward entertainment and ad revenue.

Will it last?

Well, it is the fastest growing app in history with over 100 million sign ups in its first week, so its probably wise to assume it will. It has a helpful connection to the massively popular Instagram, allowing users to migrate their data across and get them connected to accounts they already follow on Instagram. Social Media success is all about capturing the market, so time will tell if enough celebrities and brands shift their attention away from Twitter and setup camp on Threads.