the right idea

Project value: $1500

Moving an idea from dream to reality is an exhilarating moment. A group of families in the Latrobe Valley came together in late 2022 with a dream to establish a new kind of church in town. The church would meet in homes, without a prominent building, and so they needed their website to act as primary point of introduction to the community.

As a project with a personal connection to The Right Idea, we set about developing a friendly, contemporary brand for the group. Working through multiple revisions, we narrowed the design down to a look with broad appeal in the group.

Along with the logo, we delivered a brand manual, that would prove useful for future rollout of branded items. The brand manual includes information a designer might need in future, including font names, colour codes and recommendations around use of colour combinations and spacing.

Clients also receive a collection of brand files, including images and vector files that can be used online, or in all sorts of hard copy scenarios (magazines, signage, bilboards etc).

Once a brand identity is established, we are able to roll that identity out onto client specific items, online or in the real world.

The key asset for Valley Community Church (Traralgon, Victoria) was their website, and we set to work immeadiatly using their newly minted brand identity to guide its development.

The goal was to create an approachable website, that used rich media (videos) to communicate a lot of context in an easily digestible format. The result is a homepage which is light on text, but still gives visitors a great experience by introducing some of the members, sharing some of their core values as well as communicate something of the church’s personality. All this without any long blocks of text!

Putting in the time upfront, to establish a coherent brand identity for your organisation means cost savings down the line. Once your brand is established, any future designer you work with can easily roll out your unique look and feel onto physical and digital assets, without having to spend valuable time working out the basic look and feel.

We build websites using the well established WordPress platform. This allows anyone with a bit of tech savvy to make adjustments to text and images on the website. The platform also allows you to plug in a huge array of additional features down the line, as needed.

I’d love to discuss your project and how we can set you up for long term success. You may be focused on just ‘getting online’ for now, but as your business grows we also offer ongoing marketing oversight for paid and social media based advertising campaigns, content creation and maintenance. Reach out today and let’s get the conversation started.