the right idea

Project value$5000 – $6000

Our client had a problem. They had developed four training courses, with more on the way, and needed to distribute them to a global audience. They had heard of online training platforms, better known as learning management systems (LMS), and came to us for a solution that would meet their unique needs.

In addition to hosting the training content, they needed a platform that would allow for customized branding, provide usage reports and allow them to modify the registration process.

Developing a project of this scale requires careful planning. Our first step was to meet with the client’s project lead, as well as the course coordinators who would be using the software. Using all of this feedback, we developed a project brief. The brief went through a couple of rounds of changes, before moving to our developers for comment.

The development team explored solutions to the project requirements and came back with technical solutions, which we fed into the project specification. At this point, our client signed off on the brief and we proceeded to build out the app.

When you’re considering the adoption of a new piece of software its critical to get all of the key players into the room (or Zoom, post pandemic). If users are not served well by a system, they will resist the change.

Reporting for Learning Management Systems

One of our client’s key requirements was accurate usage reporting, which would inform future investment decisions into course development. We implemented an additional plugin which allows course coordinators to view detailed progress reports and participation metrics for all students. In addition, course coordinators can communicate directly with students via a built-in email feature which creates mailing lists within the app.

Project management

For this project we also undertook the course content collection process, as well as some of the administration around hosting of the video content via a paid Vimeo subscription. Each organization is different, and will require personalized assistance when it comes to coordinating a project that involves stakeholders scattered around the world.

Once the course information was populated, we held a number of presentation meetings to walk course coordinators and administrators through the system, fielding questions around usage and functionality.

What is your idea?

Online learning has become tremendously popular, with most senior and tertiary education providers now embracing the concept. The options for application are huge, from a weekend side hustle developing cooking courses, to onboarding training for established businesses through to global distribution of academic material.

If you would like to discuss an online learning project with us, send us an email or give us a call. We would love to have a no obligations, exploratory chat to find out if we are able to assist.