the right idea

Oh Tony…  Tony, Tony Tony.  You are a master at your craft.

I received a call last week.  It was Tony.  Tony had just been handed my details from a colleague.  He was calling to find out if I wanted to advertise in the AiPol Police Journal.  The conversation started well, Tony made me feel pretty good about the call.  This was an opportunity for me, this was not just another telesales call.

Although, there were a few cracks in the story.  For one, Tony had no idea what The Right Idea was.  I explained the details.

“Well Roger, did you know many of the local cops have a side hustle and might be interested in your marketing services.”

Oh Tony.  You are good.

Tony was also a little coy on pricing.  

“So Roger… would you like to support your local police?”

Very nice Tony, very smooth.

It turned out I was going to have to hand over $500 for a ‘half-business card’ sized advert, which was going into a journal that would be exclusively delivered to police stations around the country.

It took me a few minutes to realize that whatever I had told Tony about my business, he would have recommended I advertise in the AiPol Journal.  Agricultural machinery… “Did you know, a lot of officers have hobby farms?”.  Skin care products… “There’s nothing an officer of the law likes more than a bath and deep exfoliation after a day on the beat.”

There are a lot of voices competing for your advertising dollars.  I recommend asking yourself these 3 questions when fielding sales calls, or planning your ad spend.

1.  What are the big questions my customers are asking?
When it comes to communicating with your market… your customers probably aren’t interested in the technical aspects of your offering.  They have a problem and they need it solved.  Don’t tell them about your services, tell them how you can solve their most common problems.  Answer the questions they’re googling already..

2. Am I selling to everyone or a niche market?
The publications we’re all familiar with – the local paper, public radio – are a scattershot approach to connecting with a niche audience.  You’re paying for a lot of eyes who have no interest in your product.  

3.  Is it time to consider advertising online?
Advertising online allows you to put your business in front of your target market in a measurable way.  You can deliver your message direct to your customers and we can tell you exactly how many of them actually saw it.  More than that, you can create layered interactions, allow them to respond to your call to action easily and you can adjust your spending at the drop of a hat.

If you’re interested in developing an online targeted advertising strategy, our team is ready to guide you through the process, develop the campaign strategy and create all of the media.  Start the conversation, call 0491 022 382 or email