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In order to build momentum in your business, your marketing efforts need to be ongoing. While there is some value in running an occasional promotion, continuous marketing translates into continuous growth and interest in your brand. If new campaigns generate sales, then it stands to reason you should run campaigns consistently, to generate consistent growth in your bottom line.

For any business owner that is a lot of work. Not only that, but it requires the coordination of a range of disciplines (website developers, graphic designers, photographers…). What you need is a ‘marketing guy’. Someone who works with your team, develops an understanding of your business and with your input can assemble a consistent run of new promotions and campaigns to build momentum for your business.

The Right Idea is setup to provide you with this sort of ongoing marketing oversight. Working on a retainer basis, we will come alongside your team and work out a suitable package that takes advantage of your existing capacity and pairs it with our creative network and technical expertise, to deliver monthly marketing campaigns for your business.

What does it cost?

This service is available for $1500 a month.

What does that get you?

Marketing campaign planning

We work with you to develop appropriate campaigns, tailored to your particular business at a rhythm that works for you. We’ll meet every month, discuss the details of each new idea, and what the value proposition is.


These campaign ideas are then translated into written form. Developing the copy for each advert, newsletter, graphic, social media post or website update.

Graphic design

We allocate a block of graphic design capacity to each campaign to develop the necessary images that will go into paid advertising or social media posts.

Website updates

In addition to graphic design, we include time from a website developer to build out the necessary campaign landing pages or make updates to your website as needed for each campaign.

Paid advertising campaign setup and management

Once the content is ready, we setup and/or manage the paid advertising campaigns on Google Ads and Facebook’s advertising ecosystems (and others if needed). This includes research around budget allocation, determining the appropriate ad placements and competitor research.

Social media and newsletter scheduling

All of the social media posts and email newsletters created for the campaign are setup on a schedule, and prepared for posting using our scheduling software – so that you don’t have to remember to do anything! It just happens!

Campaign reporting

Finally, we will deliver a campaign report that shows engagement and lead generation reports for each project. This will be delivered via email, with a follow up meeting to discuss the campaign outcomes and options for optimizing future campaigns.

What does this marketing package not include?

We don’t include the costs of running paid advertising campaigns (ie, the campaign budget for Google Ads etc).

In return for your investment, you get the benefit of a marketing lead who develops a rapport with your staff and access to a team of creative professionals who can deliver marketing content at a world class level. By separating out the marketing component, you take advantage of synergies and best practice because we’re living in this space 24/7, following trends and developments in the marketing space.

Every business owner has a dream about what their company could become. Take action today to set your business on a growth path. If you would like to find out more, or ask a couple more questions pop your details in the contact form below and we’ll give you a call to discuss your unique situation and how we could work together.