the right idea

This week we finally hit send on a quote for an exciting project. The client needs an online training portal to deliver an array of training courses to churches based all over the world.

As we have worked out the system specification it has really hit home how many different applications online training can have and how accessible it is in 2023!

Employee training

Have you got a dispersed team that rarely, or maybe never, gathers in the same room? Are you battling with repetitive training tasks or long Zoom calls to walk new employees through training material? You could record one Zoom call, bank it as a training video and upload it to your online training portal and never have to spend your time having the same conversation again!

Side hustles

Have you got knowledge that could be earning you some holiday money, if only you could find an efficient way to sell it to people? An online training portal, tied in with a pay-wall, could be earning you money while you sleep. Keep track of subscribers, issue completion certificates and create course coupons to improve the experience and encourage referrals.

Training as a service

Is your product training? Are you providing legislative updates, human resource best practice training or any number of long-term resourcing to your clients? Are you considering moving your content to a central online archive? Making use of online course management software will give you maximum control over how you present the material, allowing you to arrange content by Course > Module > Lesson, and allow you to limit access based on lesson performance. Need summary quizzes? No problem. Assignment submission? Done. Course certificates? Can do. Free and paid courses? Yip.

The portals can be fully branded, or bare bones if you want to start small and test the waters. Let’s talk about what you need, and find a value point that gets you started. Reach out today to or call +61 491 022 382.