the right idea

Launching a website for your business today feels a bit like updating your relationship status in the early 2000s on Facebook. You had to make it ‘Facebook official’ if you wanted to convince your friends you really had a girlfriend. Now, launching a website for your business is a milestone that marks the public availability of your goods and services. When you’re online, you’re open for business.

When it comes to setting up a website there are a host of tools and platforms to help you do just that. Yourself. So why would you consider using an agency?

Needle in a haystack

There are a lot of options for setting up an online shop front. Decisions need to be made about hosting companies, website platforms, payment gateways, shopping carts and newsletter products. Sorting through the noise can take a lot of time and effort – and if you’re not tech savvy, can feel a little daunting. Agencies have spent years building out websites for clients and have a good understanding of the pros and cons of each and consequently can save you a lot of headaches in the long term.

What you say matters

How you present your business’s value proposition matters. Working with a marketing strategist to help you refine your product pitch will help you setup a more helpful website (or brochure, newsletter, advert etc) for your clients. Service providers are often tempted to simply list a range of things they can do. Marketers will help you tell people how you can solve their poblems.

Templates will only get you so far

Don’t get me wrong – templates are great. They save an enormous amount of time setting up basic layouts. However, how you use colour, how you place photographs and how you format your written content can really make or break the look. A professional graphic designer brings a polish to a design that only a small number of business owners would be able to achieve with the limited free time they have available to them.

Which brings me to my next point

It’s just really nice to be able to pay someone to do it for you. What a relief! The website is sorted, its going to be world class, its going to make an impression. It’s not going to put potential clients off because its buggy. I am getting great analytics on who’s checking it out and how they got there. It just works.

If your business has reached a scale where you’re no longer able to manage the marketing component and keep the ship pointing in the right direction, give us a call. Our team has the experience to deliver you a world class product without breaking the bank. Start the conversation today – get in touch at or call Roger on +61 491 022 382.