the right idea

We’ve been lending a hand to a superb non-profit, serving some of the most needy citizens of a township on the edge of Cape Town, South Africa.  The project involved mapping out their website strategy – here are some big pictures thoughts around marketing your non-profit.

#1  Be positive

Donors want to support initiatives who are taking ground.  They want to get behind projects that are working.  They don’t want to support initiatives that come across as desperate and always asking for more.  Every non-profit needs more staff, more cash and more equipment – but don’t make that your main message.  Instead, tell compelling stories about the good work that has been done.  Show people that any further contribution will allow this good work to continue.  Volunteerism and support follows vision.

#2 Think carefully about who will be visiting your website

I would suggest there are two groups of people visiting most non-profit websites.  Those who need help, and those who want to help.  Your main effort needs to go toward these two groups.

Those who need help need clear instructions about access.  Think of your website as the first triage point.  Are you clearly defining the demographic that you serve, and have you laid out clear next steps for appropriate applicants?

Those who want to help need clear instructions about how they should help.  Anyone who has run a non-profit will tell you volunteers can be more work than they are worth.  Your website is a great place to direct the energy of your potential partners without having to have any awkward face-to-face conversations that might make you seem ungrateful.  Create a page on your website which lists some helpful ways organisations can support you, and list examples of previous assistance that you appreciated to spark ideas in new sponsors.  Above all, be specific.

#3  Always photos

This goes for just about every genre of website.  Great photos can turn a mediocre website into a beautiful one.  Hiring a photographer is expensive but probably worth it.  At very least find out which of your existing friends or volunteers has a good camera and invite them over to take a few pictures.  Your web designer will thank you, and the finished product will be better for it.

Our team is always on hand to help you craft an useful online presence for your business or non-profit.  We can help you tell your story, target your message and setup a website that will inspire your supporters while you keep focused on the important work at hand.  Send us an email today,