the right idea

Sometimes its the simplest idea that yields the most benefit. Simple tools that can be used in a wide variety of ways, that just work. Your humble Zoom license might entitle you to one such tool, launched in August this year.

It goes by the name of Zoom Clips, and while not a unique tool, the fact that it comes bundled with a standard Zoom One license means you might it installed already.

Fundamentally, its screen recording software.

What is that? Its an easy way of recording whatever is happening on your computer screen, as well as a recording of your voice narrating the show.

Not only do you get to narrate the experience, but it even includes a little thumbnail video feed of you while it happens.

Example of a recent screen recording for a client

The result is a really personal mechanism for doing all sorts of things you might previously have had to schedule a Zoom meeting for.

Where could I use it?

It’s a great way of walking someone through a finance presentation on a spreadsheet. Or clicking through a PowerPoint with narration. Or walking someone through a new piece of software. And then they can watch it again if they need to! Or rewind the complicated part!

Or… recording a video to help your gran connect to her WIFI and saving it, for next time (clips are downloadable). Or what about recording a full set of online training courses for onboarding staff to the CRM. Or finally having a good solution for dealing with dispersed teams in different time zones.

What a joy to not have to go through the pain of finding a time when everyone’s available.

I’m convinced its also convenient for your colleagues, who can fit in the watch through when its convenient for them instead of having to work around a team Zoom call.

There is a helpful feature that notifies you when someone watched your video, and also gives viewers an option to leave a comment. Clips can be shared within your organisation’s Zoom account, or wider through simple links.

You can read the full report here.